A note about sleep deprivation (now that I'm sleeping 😉)

The other day I found this photo and I stared at it for the longest time. It all came back to me.

Carlotta Cerri

The other day I found this photo and I stared at it for the longest time. It all came back to me. This photo is one of the many memories of the sleep deprivation tunnel, when I lived life dragging myself from day to day, lost and blurred.

Today however, looking back at that version of myself, I understand that the tunnel into which sleep deprivation threw me brought out a part of me that had to free itself and was x to get out. A part that I would then need to face other physical and mental challenges, undertake new paths, enter my dark caves of change to find the treasure I was looking for.

Only then, when I came face to face with my demons and decided to enter one of those dark caves, did I discover that *I* was the treasure, it was my personal evolution, it was the understanding that our purpose in life is giving birth to ourselves, evolving as everybody has to get to know us all over again.

And let's be clear: I write this today because I am out of the tunnel, I sleep all night. When I was in the tunnel, there were very few thoughts of evolution or even survival. And it's OK.

PS. At the time I didn't know what treasure I was looking for: you can never know what the treasure is before entering a dark cave, you only know that there is one. You can only connect the dots looking backwards. 

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