Mar 9, 2021

My kid doesn't want to apologise

How to react when our children don't want to apologise

❌ Apologize immediately!

❌ Look what you've done!

If a child doesn't want to apologise, it's probably because they're not ready yet. Are you always ready to apologise immediately when you hurt someone? No. Then why do you expect your kids to do it? Laughing or shouting "No!" and running away are normal behaviours of a child who knows to have done something wrong, but doesn't know how to handle the situation.

✅ Can I help you apologize? (to your kid when they're calm)

✅ Are you okay? (to the victim)

First, make sure the "victim" is ok: this models the behaviour that you'd like your children to do when they see an injustice. Give them time to process, wait for them to calm down, keep calm yourself, have empathy, don't force them to apologise, and instead offer to *help* them do so.

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