Jan 19, 2021

Montessori express: describe instead of criticising

❌ You are always the same!

❌ You never pay attention!

❌ You are such a mess!

Imagine if someone criticised you in the same way you criticize your children… Would you like it? These sentences not only make them feel wrong, but they don't teach anything to anyone.

Instead, try this:

Instead of using the usual unpleasant sentences, try to describe.

✅ You spilled the water on the ground. What can we do?

✅ You got distracted while walking. Are you OK?

✅ You have stained your t-shirt again. Will you help me wash it?

Remember: Children have to learn the same thing in many different contexts, so if they get something wrong that you think they should already know, it means they are still learning it

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