In this video, Simone Davies from The Montessori Notebook, explains how to set an activity Montessori-Style, so that it’s more engaging and attractive for the child. She talks about what she does in her Montessori classroom, but we can definitely do this in our homes, too.

These are the four tips she gives us (for details and examples, watch the video :-):

  • Make the activity attractive: She puts toys on beautiful trays or baskets to make them pop out.
  • Show what belongs together. She puts together things that can be used for the same activity.
  • Have things ready for child to use by themselves: it's important that all the materials to do an activity in in the child's reach.
  • Undo the activity for the child: don't show completed activities (i.e. undo the puzzle and put all pieces in a bowl on a tray.

This is great for toddlers, but what about my baby Oliver? I asked Simone if and how this reflects for babies and this is what she said:

Definitely! Put things out on display on a shelf where he can wriggle and reach them; make things look attractive; a basket of mouthable household objects; a basket of balls etc. His activities are probably more one step activities so having things grouped together will come a bit later. At this age grasping toys, and toys that have a bell to give feedback are great. Keep things simple and available for him to reach. Good luck!

Thank you, Simone!

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