When I was working full time, I had a very busy schedule and lunch always seemed to get in the way. As you all know I really don’t like cooking, the easiest thing has always been pasta: it takes no time to cook and always tastes great!

But as we’ve been 88% paleo in the last five years (if you don’t know about paleo yet, here’s 11 things to start with), pasta was off the table (literally ;-) so I was always on the lookout for fast lunches that I could put together quickly and still look forward to.

This is one of them. And as it was quite successful when I published it in the past on another blog, I decided to repost it (and translate it also into Italian and Spanish).

It’s adapted from a recipe that my dad used to cook for me when I was little—the only way I would eat protein back then! It’s a simple chicken dish, cooked with zucchini and cherry tomatoes that takes as long to make as pasta (for real!).

Fast, yummy and dummy-proof!

Here’s what I use:

  • 1 chicken breast
  • 1 big zucchini (courgette)
  • a handfull of cherry tomatoes
  • salt, pepper, cumin, extra-vergin olive oil

Here’s how I make it:

  • Cube the chicken, halve the cherry tomatoes and quarter the zucchini.
  • Sprinkle olive oil on two pans and let it warm up.
  • Add the chicken into one pan and the zucchini into the other one. Add a bit of salt and pepper to both of them.
  • When the zucchini is soft (I like it even slightly brown) and the chicken is golden, combine them in the pan where you cooked the chicken (it's tastier!).
  • Add a teeny-tiny bit of cumin (Why cumin? Because it seems to go with everything!). Sometimes I make a spicier version of it by adding chilly flakes instead of cumin.
  • Add the cherry tomatoes and cook until they’re soft.
  • I have it all!

For years, it has been my pasta substitute. Fast, super simple, delicious, and 100% paleo!

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