Nov 26, 2021

The parent I want to be

You often write to me: "I still have a long way to be the parent I want to be."

Actually, you already are the parent you want to be.

Sometimes I too yell and say sentences that go against my values and principles in education. But every day I choose: I choose my words, my actions and reactions. And when I’m not able to choose because emotions take over, then I choose to accept and forgive myself, and apologise: "I made a mistake, I’ll try not to do it again".

I am the parent I want to be, not because I am always happy with how I am as a mother, but because:

1. I know what kind of education I want to give and I choose it every day. It takes practice.

2. This is my current version as a parent. I have to accept it.

3. I work hard every day on my personal evolution, so today I am, in fact, a better version of myself than yesterday. It does matter.

You too are already the parent you want to be, because the fact that you think you are not means that you are working on your personal evolution. You can't ask yourself anything else than that. Keep evolving without expectations and surprise yourself.


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