Quality time with myself

Carlotta Cerri

As you might have noticed, I haven't posted anything in a while. I haven't felt inspired. And I'm not good at posting just for the sake of posting: I understand that in the fast-paced world of social media this often doesn't work well, but I've learned to accept it and welcome it as a strength.

This week I'm away from Alex and the kids.

I took a week to be with two friends: myself and a friend who will join me for a few days.

In these two days alone I read two whole books (from start to finish!), I ate in silence, savoring every bite, I worked, I walked, I observed people, I thought.

I miss Alex and the kids, but I realized that in all this time that I've been 24/7 with them, I neglected time with a very important person: myself.

I've come to realize that, since I love my job, lately I've started to treat the time I dedicate to work as me-time, but it's not me-time: because of the nature of my work, that time is always time for others.

Not even working out is really me-time, because there's a purpose, a sense of responsibility towards my mental and physical health.

Me-time should be purposeless, I should be with myslef for the sake of enjoying my own company.

Today while I was having lunch alone, I thought. And the more I thought, the more I realized that I liked a lot the conversation with my own head. Appreciating and enjoying my company is certainly one of the most beautiful discoveries of full-time traveling: I always thought I was unable to be alone, now I know that's no longer true.

And so here's a thought: it doesn't need to be difficult to take quality time with and for oneself, and there's no need to go far or wait for a special day: often me-time can simply be loneliness, like having a coffee alone at the cafe next door on a random day. It'd make all the difference.

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