May 26, 2021

Van life with kids – Dog rescue centre in Elche (Spain)

Driving down from Italy to Marbella, we spent one night in a rural house near Elche, past Alicante.

You park in their courtyard and can take advantage of bathrooms with showers, kitchen for doing dishes, washing machine (€3) and swimming pool (which Oliver and Emily used right away!).

It's not really anything special, yet it's really special: it's a family that rescues abandoned dogs and takes care of them until they find a home. They welcomed us as if we were friends, cooked for us, we all had dinner together and then we went to take the dogs for their evening walk.

The owners involved the children in feeding the dogs and the two pigs. There is also a mini playground and toys that the owners' daughter shares with all the children. We loved it!

We found it on Park4Night at this link: Lugar Puzol.

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