Jul 7, 2021

Van life with kids – Cadiz + Trafalgar Lighthouse (Spain)

While driving from Marbella to Portugal, we stopped for a couple of days in the Cadiz area and enjoyed it so much that I would like to share two stops with you.

1. Cadiz

In Cadiz we slept in a parking lot, but with an ocean view: Alex and I sat and watched the sunset after putting the kids to bed.

We visited all the center of Cadiz by bike (holy bikes!), we parked them near the castle and walked down to the beach to look for crabs at low tide. Cadiz was a really amazing surprise, such a beautiful city!

The parking lot is… a parking lot! It is often windy, but there is no shade and it is very hot… but the sunset is spectacular!

2. Trafalgar Lighthouse

One hour from Cadiz, we had lunch in the chiringuito at the foot of the Trafalgar lighthouse (Faro de Trafalgar): it's the farthest from the parking lot and can only be reached on foot, but that's why there are very fewer people on that stretch of beach!

The beach behind the lighthouse is full of small fish and crabs to observe if you go at low tide… Oliver and Emily could have explored for hours!

We stayed overnight in the van a few minutes from the lighthouse, in a beautiful house called Buena Onda Zahora: a totally revolutionary concept in Spain exactly the way we love it. Vegetable garden, chickens, quails, delicious breakfasts, clean services and lovely, curated shared spaces. Book well in advance to find a spot!


Parcheggio a Cadiz

Chiringuito al faro

Buena Onda Zahora

Buena Onda Zahora
Buena Onda Zahora
Buena Onda Zahora

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