Yoga is not only the perfection you see online

Carlotta Cerri

I haven’t done yoga for three months and, oh my, did I need it! Today this beautiful sunny day drove me to the mat again. And since I don't believe in going backwards, I started exactly where I left off. It was really hard, but extremely rewarding.

This is a short version of the yoga routine that I do most often: I decided to post it double speed, but no cuts, with all the fumbles and tumbles, because yoga for the majority of us it is not like what you see on Instagram, it’s not made of a perfect body and impossible positions 😉 But at any level it is strength, balance and mindfulness. Three things I want more of in my life, physically and mentally.

Who here practices yoga?

In the video you can see all the positions I did (or tried to do 😉) in order:

  • ashtanga sun salutation
  • crescent pose
  • prayer twist
  • warrior three
  • standing splits
  • half moon
  • twisting half moon
  • warrior 1
  • warrior 2
  • reverse warrior
  • angle pose
  • extended angle pose
  • angle pose and grab
  • triangle pose
  • twisting triangle pose
  • chair
  • tree
  • royal dancer
  • leg extension
  • crane
  • cat stretch
  • bridge
  • wheel
  • plough + variations
  • leg stretching
  • table
  • cobbler
  • ab sequence

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