Our generation of parents is pioneer. Ready for the change?

Carlotta Cerri

Our generation of parents is pioneer: we’re raising the first society in which being “alternative” parents will be the norm, not the exception.

I want to show you an alternative form of education at home, one that is more respectful and more natural. A child-centered education, that is not based on the classic parent/child hierarchy, that eradicates all the “it is so because I say so”, that meets the needs of the child in every stage of their development, that names emotions and looks at ALL emotions with love and compassion, that doesn’t believe in “tantrums” and in “don’t hold him when he cries because he gets used to it”, that trusts the child and his potential, that gives freedom and independence through few and clear limits, that promotes self-discipline, self regulation, self control. That follows the child (but not down a cliff ;-)

To do so, I created two online courses for parents that focus on the philosophy that guides each and every one of my steps, Montessori. Positive discipline, Daniel Siegel’s neuropsychiatry and common sense are also in the mix.

These are the courses I wanted to find when I began my journey through respectful education as a mother. At the moment they’re only in Italian, but my next goal is to translate them both into English and Spanish. Stay tuned!

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