Zoo Animals Block Puzzle by Hape

Carlotta Cerri

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We bought this wooden block puzzle by the brand Hape (that you’ll see featured a lot on my blog because we love it) when Oliver was less than two years old and at first he used it more to make towers because it was too complicated. After a few months he began to make the animal puzzles, but always with our help: it took him surprisingly long to be able to do them completely alone (which is why when he finally did, he was very proud of himself).

I particularly like it because in addition to the seven square images of zoo animals, there are two elongated images (the giraffe and the crocodile) in which you have to think outside the box: these are the ones that took Oliver the longest, but also the ones he likes the best (even today that he’s three and a half years old).

Take a look at this video: Oliver found a trick to make all of the pictures VERY quickly!

It’s one of the gifts that I always choose for second birthdays: not expensive, good quality, sustainable materials and kids get a lot of use out of it, even for a couple of years.

If you liked this review and are thinking about buying this toy, I’d love it if you used this affiliate link.

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