Jul 13, 2017

Slow down, little one (Emily is 6 months old)

Oh our sweet Ellie, you smiled when you were one week old, two weeks later you were smiling back, short after that you were giggling, laughing and chatting away. When you were 4 months old you decided that you didn’t want hats anymore, and so hats had to go! You weren’t even 5 months old when you started sitting up, and a whole new world of possibilities opened in front of your curious eyes (that expression on your face is tattooed on my heart!). And now you just turned 6 months, and you’re already on the move.

Sometimes I look at you, and I feel your hurry to grow up and do all the amazing things, dance and yoga moves that Oliver can do. But you’ve got so much time ahead of you… slow down, little one!

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