Apr 10, 2016

Flying Easyjet with babies 0-2 years old

We recently traveled with Oliver for the fist time on a plane and I absolutely loved it! In today’s post I want to tell you about our experience flying Easyjet, because I’ve always criticised them a lot, but this time I had to change my mind: it was actually really good!

We arrived at the airport slightly nervous as it was our first time flying with Oliver and we had absolutely no idea what to expect. We went straight to check in the pram as we had read online it’s easier to do it before arriving at the gate (although they should do it there, too).

As soon as they saw us with a pram, they sent us to the Special Need check-in desk so we skipped the long-ish queue (yay!). They were very kind and offered to check in one of our hand luggages for free so we could travel more comfortably—we thought it was just the guy having a good day, but the same thing happened on our way back, so I guess it’s just something they do for families with babies.

The flight was OK, a bit uncomfortable as the seats are quite small and babies under two travel on one of the parents’ laps with a special seatbelt. On the way back, though, we got lucky: the seat next to us was empty, so the flight was way more comfortable!

I heard you’re supposed to breastfeed the baby when taking off and landing (because the sucking motion helps with the ear pain you get from the pressure change) so I did. I then realised it wasn’t necessary: on our way back, I noticed that Oliver showed me clearly when his ears were bothering him, and I breastfed him only then.

From this experience I have a few tips I’d like to give to anybody who’s flying with babies:

Always ask

Apparently, when you’re traveling with a baby everybody’s much kinder! Also, airlines want you to have a nice experience (if the bay’s happy, all passengers will be happier, too), so they’re likely to accomodate your every need. On our way back, the lady at the check-in desk didn’t offer to check in our hand luggages, so we asked and she checked in both of them for free!

Travel light

The less, the better. Really! Of course it depends where you’re going and how long you’re staying, but we only had two small hand luggages and the pram and it was perfectly fine for a one-week vacation (with no washing involved). Really think “necessary”: if it’s not, leave it behind!

No need for toys

I was worried Oliver would get bored on the plane and before leaving I thought a lot about what toys to take with us. In the end, we decided to take only Barney’s book (his favourite) and hope for the best: at the airport Oliver was in exploring mode, running from one gate to the other, and on the plane he was only interested in the air assistants, the people sitting behind us and passing by, the magazines and the seat belts.

But of course, if your baby is into a specific toy, definitely take with you… it might save the day!

Take food with you

Food on planes and in airports is not exactly healthy, nor cheap. Before leaving, I had made cinnamon apples, cut a kiwi and a banana, and put everything in tupperware. Half way through he flight, Oliver had a feast!

Protect the pram

Low-cost airlines usually take no responsibility for damages to prams (as they consider them “fragile items”). That’s why we covered the bag with a trash bag and the seat with its own waterproof cover.

What’s your experience when flying with babies? What did you take with you? In June we’d like to go to Hamburg to visit zia Cri, and in August hopefully we’ll finally visit Finland, Alex’s homeland, for the first time (me too!)… so any advice is very welcome!

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