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Ljubljana with kids

We spent a month in Ljubljana with our kids and these are our favorite experiences

Carlotta Cerri

We're full time travelers and when we travel, we often find little gems. I won't add many links (because links must be updated and this is not a tourism blog ūüėČ), but you can search for the names on google maps: they are all tested by me, Alex, Oliver and Emily (they were 4.5 and 6 years old here).

We liked Ljubljana, it is certainly a family-friendly capital and we lived here for a month.

Our AirBnb apartment was about 20-minute walk from the center and we chose it for three reasons: 1. We arrived from Dubrovnik, where the center is so touristy as to be unlivable and we feared this might be similar; 3. It's very close to a huge park, with beautiful walks in nature; 2. There is an indoor pool which was attractive in the winter (the owner has the spa on the ground floor and lets guests use the pool at certain times). Search for AirBnb Spa Apartments Breza.

The center is less touristy than we expected, so if we were to return we would probably choose the area around St James's church, which is also quite close to the park.

Things we really liked:

  • We rode our bikes everywhere, the bike paths are excellent.
  • Castle: we didn't enter the castle, because we didn't have much time, but it is worth spending a good half a day and visit it inside and outside (beautiful views).
  • Clay workshop for children: on Thursdays at the Slovenski Etnografski Museum they offer a workshop for children from 17:00 to 18:30. You have to book in advance.
  • Giant hot chocolate at the Cacao bar along the river near the square of the three bridges.
  • Julija restaurant: Alex and I had a romantic dinner here, because a part of their menu is typical Slovenian dishes. Try the Ň°truklji cheese dumplings and the Gibanica cake (read Ghibaniza).
Gibanica: layers of cottage cheese, walnut cream and poppy seeds.
  • Mala Ulica Indoor Playground: it was closed for Covid, but from the photos it is definitely a place we'd like. Go there for us and send me photos!
  • Kalńćek, Organic Food Store: this became our go-to shop for organic products that are not found in normal supermarkets.
  • I didn't have time, but I would have liked to take the children to the Cukrarna art gallery.

Tivoli Park deserves a section of its own

  • Don't miss the walk to the pink Virgin Mary's Visitation church. Don't forget water and snacks if you are going with children (it's about an hour walk). At the bar in front of the church we ordered a good mulled wine (we asked for it in English "mulled wine" but it is called kuhano vino) and the typical donut (kvaŇ°enu flancati). ¬†
Virgin Mary's Visitation
  • The kids took climbing lessons at the PlezaliŇ°ńće Tivoli center and loved them!
  • Our favorite playground at the Tivoli Park is the one near the pond. Search Google for ‚ÄúPark Tivoli,children's playground‚ÄĚ.
  • Nearby there is also a restaurant / bar to shelter from cold winter days and has a small play area. Search for "ńĆolnarna Park Tivoli".
  • We played mini golf: around 4:30pm it was already dark and every hole was lit in a different color. Look for ‚ÄúMini Golf Cafe‚ÄĚ, it's near the parking lot.

Useful words to know

  • Good morning (when entering a shop / bar): Dober dan
  • Thanks: Hvala
  • I'm sorry: Oprosti
  • Excuse me: Oprostite
  • Please: Molim
  • How are you?: Kako si?
  • Goodbye: Nasvidenje¬†
  • Yes: Da
  • No: Ne

By the way, if you learn these words and go to Croatia you could use them there too (many words are similar).

Tivoli park in the snow
View from the castle

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