Get back on the bicycle (finding each other again in a marriage)

Carlotta Cerri

A few days ago Alex and I took our time for us. After months without a babysitter, six hours of just us in two days felt like three weeks.

We walked non-stop and talked, talked, talked.

It always happens the same: when we don't spend much time together, it takes a while to break the ice. Even after 14 years. Maybe even more after 14 years. We stay silent for quite a while. We’ve learned to let silence speak, its voice no longer makes us uncomfortable. Then we usually talk about work, as if we didn't know how to talk about anything else.

And then, at some point, we find each other.  A laughter, a joke. Something that reminds us of who we are. Hey, I know you, I know you well.

And when we get home we’re partners again. My toes are frozen toes because I'm not Finnish like him. But I’m warmer, more welcoming, more loving.

Because in the end, being partners—friends, lovers, housemates, parents—is like riding a bicycle. If you know how to do it, if you have done it once, you will never forget it.

But if you never get on your bicycle…

Find time to ride your bicycle.

And if it's broken, this Christmas ask Santa to fix it.

Ps. Santa doesn't exist. You and your partner are Santa.

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