Finca Montefrio is a farm north of Seville where they produce Jamón Serrano de Bellota, the famous (and also the most expensive) Spanish cured ham made with the meat of pigs that eat only acorns.

Oliver and Emily (who at the time were almost 3 and almost 1) enjoyed helping Armando and Lola and their children Helena, Natalia and Armando feed chickens and geese, collect acorns for pigs, do some gardening and pick vegetables… and on one of the walks the two donkeys helped them when they were too tired to walk.

Fun fact: this farm has since been featured in many of our stories, because this is where Oliver understood where meat comes from and decided to never eat it again. 🙂

Ps. We stayed in the Casa Misolete, perfect for a family of 4 with two bedrooms (even though at the time we all slept together in one bedroom).

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