Jun 10, 2021

Long-term education starts from the person behind the parent!

I feel you. Yes, you, parent! When you write me that you don’t know what to do anymore. That you feel like a failure. That maybe long-term education is not for you.

Stop and re-prioritize.

You’ve chosen what kind of parent you want to be—you've chosen to raise your kids the gentle, respectful way—but you are forgetting the essence of long-term education.

Where is the PERSON behind the parent?

Where is the respect for YOU?

Where is the consent for YOUR body?

Long-term education starts with you. It starts by respecting yourself. It starts with your consent to breastfeed, to stand up while rocking them to sleep, to pick them up when walking, to open your bedroom's door when you lock yourself in to have some YOU-TIME (when's the last time you had you-time?).

Long-term education is mutual respect, mutual compromise, two-way communication, steps towards one another.

Find the person behind the parent. Re-start from yourself. Do it today.

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