May 18, 2021

Free camping in the Langhe

One night by the Tanaro river (near Alba) with our California

Before leaving for this new life and travel adventure, we wanted to test the van one night to understand what we need (and thank goodness we did! 😅).

We found a nice free camping spot right by the Tanaro river. You find it here. At the beginning we had discarded this place, because it had bad reviews: unfortunately many people use the river banks as a landfill (😢); there was garbage, yes, but it was all very hidden in the tall grass and it didn't smell, so we decided to stop anyway.

The road to get here is a bit narrow and lined with trees (some branches stick out), but our California van managed without any problems.

The parking space is in the shade of a tree in front of a beautiful green field with poppies everywhere (it was May) and from there you can follow the path on foot: these road was destroyed by the '94 flooding, so only bikers use it nowadays, and it offers nice adventures for kids: you can get to the river by walking on giant concrete blocks, and then you can enjoy the sound of the river and birds on the big platform that used to be a bridge (my sister and I even did yoga there in the morning).

There is also a small beach on the river, with a bench and dirt that looks just like sand! In the morning, before leaving, we walked down the path in the woods: after about a kilometer you get to a beautiful view of the river (right after the concrete cylinders).

As a one night stopover it was perfect for us, and we were glad we didn't listen to the reviews.

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