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Draw a recipe and kids cook by themselves

Oliver ed Emily si fanno dei semplici biscotti da soli

Carlotta Cerri

I always say it, we all need to get out of our comfort zone, kids and adults alike. This for me was an easy way to do so without even leaving the house: the kids had to learn to trust themselves and I had to learn to resist the urge to interfere (slightly OCD mom here!).

The kids made this recipe with me once, and from the second time onwards they did it by themselves. The second time, they asked for a lot of help, so the third time, when they wanted to make cookies, we made a deal: they couldn’t ask for help. This was their third attempt, and the cookies are getting better and better.

You can find the recipe we used here (except we now grate an apple in it, and this time I had some fruit going bad so I pureed it for them in advance).

Here's the result:

I drew the recipe and they made the cookies (in the video they are 5 years and 1 month, and 3 years and 4 months).

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