Mar 17, 2020

Emily might have Coronavirus

On Friday April 13th we arrived in New Zealand from Bali and put ourselves in self quarantine. This  morning (6 days after traveling) Emily woke up coughing after two days with a slightly runny nose.

We called the Health Line and they will come and test Emily for COVID-19. If she is positive, we probably all have it. Luckily we self quarantined.

We’re happy they offered to test her, because it means the country is taking it seriously, and also because I know that right now getting a test is a luxury in some countries, like my beloved Italy.

We’ll keep you up to date.

How they do it here in New Zealand: We drive to the medical center, stay in the car, a nurse comes out and does the test (mouth and nose, which bothered Emily more). Very quick, the longest part is queuing.

UPDATE: The results came back NEGATIVE! But NZ entered alert 4, so we’ll have to stay home for 4 more weeks.

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