Jan 30, 2020

Why you should wear the same outfit twice on Instagram

One of the best side effects of traveling the world full time is having a tiny wardrobe. We all have 5/7 everyday outfits each for two years around the world. When something breaks or gets ruined, we replace it. We rarely buy for the sake of buying. We think thoroughly about what we NEED.

This also means that we have the same outfits in all the photos. And it’s fine. In fact, it’s liberating.

For a year now, I haven’t tried something on just to put it back in the closet. Every morning I know that whatever I wear, it’ll be one of my favorite pieces, because I have nothing extra. I go to white parties dressed in blue, because that’s what I have. I go salsa twice in a row to the same place with the same outfit, because it’s the most comfortable: when you free yourself from the need to show a different outfit every time, even your priorities change.

Sometimes, if there’s no smell (good fabric makes a difference), we wear the same outfit every day of the week. And not only on the road: while I was getting ready to leave for this adventure, I had already reduced my closet and I kept lived my usual life with my usual friends with those 5/6 outfits. And guess! Instead of being shocked, many friends followed suit, and cleaned up their closets.

We’re the extreme, I know. But little by little, we ALL need to break free from the slavery of fashion, from the lie that we need to wear a new outfit every day (and never the same twice at parties or in our Instagram photos). We need to say no to low cost, prefer brands that use eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials, and question how and where our clothes (and stuff) are made.

The change always has to come from each one of us. Reducing your wardrobe is a small step towards a sustainable lifestyle (for our planet)—and yet another way to break free from the boxes in which society wants to put us—and saying it loud and clear on social media is an opportunity to promote a change.

We can ALL do it. Would you like to try it with me?

This below is our current wardrobe for FOUR PEOPLE.

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