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Montessori at home while traveling around the world

Carlotta Cerri

You know me, I like to montessori the way out of everything and traveling the world won’t stop me. I montessorized every house we’ve lived in so far, and I’ll keep doing it every month as we change city and apartment around the world.

It’s actually a lot easier than it sounds.

When I rent an Airbnb, I always ask the hosts to provide a step so Oliver and Emily can be independent in the bathroom: often it’s not necessary to ask, but I like to make sure it’ll be there when I arrive. Here in Budapest, they also kindly provided a wc adaptor. SO that’s all sorted.

I usually dedicate two low drawers in the closet to the kids so they can take their clothes and put them back independently.

And then I put a familiar touch: I create their Montessori shelves using our toys, toys that the AirBnb provides and whatever I find in the apartment.

Here in Budapest, I used the coffee capsule basket to store our Legos. The lid of a board game box is now the container for our movable alphabet letters.

The bed-side carpets are now play mats that the kids can use when they work on the floor (just like in school) and also to constrain the area when they play with Legos.

It takes very little and it makes all the difference for promoting order and calm play.

I’m not homeschooling the kids during our two-year world travel, but I decided to take with us one Montessori material, the movable alphabet with cursive letters, to learn the letters through playing, create the basis for writing and reading at their pace and nurture their love for reading also in a different way.

Our movable alphabet is from Mumucho that offers amazing quality at a great price. If you’re in Spain (they ship only there), check them out and you’ll love them; if you’re elsewhere, check them out anyway, because I’m sure they’ll get so much request they’ll soon have to start shipping internationally! ;-)

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