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Montessori-inspired toys: world people puzzle

Carlotta Cerri

Many of you have been asking about Montessori-inspired toys, so I’m preparing a few posts with a selection of Oliver’s and Emily’s favorite toys since birth.

As you can see on our shelves, we never bought many toys for the kids and the few we did buy were Montessori-like, wooden and with no lights or sounds: I think it’s good for babies and kids to develop their own way of playing with toys, instead of playing the way the manufacturers eant them to play.

All the toys that you find on La Tela are like this: made of natural materials, they promote imagination, concentration, problem solving, they’re versatile, they don’t sing nor light up. And I promise, your kids will love them!

World culture puzzle

This was one of my favorite toys — oops, I meant the kids’ favourite, of course! ;-) We love it, it gave us the opportunity to talk about different cultures, it inspired us to go and get the globe and see where these people live, and you can do it the way it is or mix and match clothes and faces. This is what I call a real Montessori-inspired toy!

If you want the Montessori experience, put the pieces in a basket, the basket on the board, and the board on the shelf. Voilat!

Unfortunately I didn’t find the exact same one we have (which is gorgeous) as I bought it from a small Spanish online store that I can’t find anymore, but I’ll leave here a similar version.

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