What are you going to do with your jobs? (We’re selling everything to travel the world)

Carlotta Cerri
21 gennaio 2019

Since I told you that we’re selling everything we own to travel the world for a few years, I’m getting lots of questions (I’d have questions, too… it’s pure craziness!). So here’s a column with all the answers, one by one. If you’ve got questions, write them in the comments and I’ll note them down for future posts

How will you pay for your travel? What are you going to do with your jobs? How much money are you leaving with?

Many are asking me about work and money, and the answer is: we’re SO RICH that we can simply stop working and travel around!

Just KIDDING! We’ll keep working, of course. We NEED to keep working in order to afford traveling around (and saving money for our future, because let’s be honest, no government is ever going to pay for retirement!). Which means that we’ll leave with all our money and keep making money on the way.

Alex is a web designer and developer; I blog, and write and sell Montessori courses for Italian parents.

We will have to be very disciplined, which is something we have started already, as we need to get good at it before leaving.

We will have a bomb-proof routine: Alex will work every week-day morning, no matter where we are, and every week he’ll make sure to reach his goal of weekly working hours. I’ll stay with the kids every morning, and work some afternoons when Alex comes back. And we’ll both work a couple of hours every evening after we put the kids to sleep (at 7pm).

Keeping a routine will be the key of success.

2021 update

And it was! 🥳 I'm very happy with how we managed to maintain a work routine despite the monthly moving every month and all the distractions of being in new places.

Alex worked slightly less, but he didn't sacrifice much.

As for me, before leaving I thought that, being the one who earns less, I would have to sacrifice my job a little. That didn't happen: I continued to work hard, to grow, I quintupled my income and in 2020, when Covid surprised us and we stopped in New Zealand, I also wrote 4 volumes for an italian printed collection about the Montessori method. After so many years of hard work and few results, all my efforts are finally paying off (and I managed to do it while traveling full time!).

Today I'm celebrating this achievement, cheers to us! 🥂

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