The Play&Go toy sack is great for Legos

Carlotta Cerri

A while ago, our friends Michela, Matteo and Amelia gave us this gorgeous toy sack by play&go. At the beginning, I struggled to find a use for it, because the Montessori philosophy taught me that baskets and boxes for toys promote chaos, so I prefer putting few toys on display on our shelves and rotate them when I see that kids lose interest in them.

One day my hubby suggested we used the sack for our Legos, and it was a game changer! We now keep all our Legos in it and store in a dedicated box. When we want to play with Legos we lay down the sack on the carpet and open it:

  • The Lego pieces are in sight and reachable which makes building much easier (and less noisy as we don’t have to dive in the box to find a piece).
  • It’s very easy to tidy up, just pull the strings of the sack and you’re done!
  • It actually defines the play area, so no more Legos everywhere!

If your kids love Legos as much as Oliver and Emily, these sacks are fantastic!

You can find them also on Instagram and Facebook @playandgoeu.

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