Sep 21, 2017

Happy 10 year anniversary to us

10 years ago today Alex and I had our first date. 7 years ago today we got married. This photo is not from any of those days, but to me it’s love, youth, fun, freedom—all things that today we have less of.

Parenting has made us better individuals, but it has definitely changed our relationship for the worse—we use up all our patience and empathy with our kids, and there’s little left when it comes to each other. Sometimes it makes me sad and nostalgic—and yeah, I liked us better as a couple back then, I loved the way we looked at each other, how overly sweet we were. I miss that.

But truth is, we might not be doing an amazing job at our relationship right now, we might argue more than we like/want, we might not even like each other sometimes, BUT we’re raising two people together—we didn’t think that was going to be easy, did we? AND we are still here, still together, always and constantly working on ourselves and on our marriage, because if there’s one thing we agree on is this: we still have the same goal in life—to grow old and grey together, to sit on that bench in front of the sea one day and talk about the amazing life we had.

And if in the process we go through rough patches, we change and evolve, sometimes becoming strangers to each other and having to learn all over again to love yet a different version of one another, well… isn’t that what marriage is all about anyway?

Happy anniversary, cucci. Wow, 10 years together, 7 married, 1 dog, 2 kids.

That is something.

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