Choopie CityStroll2 and CityBucket review (and a surprise for you!)

Carlotta Cerri

A few weeks ago, I saw my friend Brittney take out of her stroller organiser a small black bag that she carried with her as a handbag. I was intrigued, and found out it’s a 2-in-1 stroller organiser by a company called Choopie (such a cute name!)!

Of course, I contacted Choopie right away and they were kind enough to send me two of their products to review. I was a bit worried because I have a Stokke Xplory and its special handle design doesn’t work with every product: I’m happy to report that both the CityStroll2 and the CityBucket work perfectly, and stay in place thanks to their high-quality, non-slip velcro straps.

And with all their cute little details and well-thought design, I simply love them, and decided to talk to you about them!

CityStroll2 stroller organiser

The Choopie CityStroll2 is one of a kind: it’s a stroller organiser AND shoulder bag (yes, 2-in-1!). Its small, practical removable handbag is perfect to keep all your personal belongings and essentials in, and you can carry it with you when you leave the stroller unattended (like at the door in a public bathroom, near a bench at the playground, or in a changing room in a shop…).

And Choopie thought about pretty much everything.

  • It’s got a place for your water bottle (Oliver drinks like a camel and I can never leave without!)
  • It’s got a place for a small package of wipes, with very easy access (what baby/toddler doesn't need wipes at all time?)
  • It’s got a phone pocket, big enough to fit my iPhone 7 Plus
  • My favourite part, the removable shoulder bag: I can put my phone, wallet, keys, a small toy, and all the essentials in here (it's small, but you can fit lots!) and take it with me with no need to move everything back and forth. And it’s even got its own bottle holder inside—perfect!

The CityBucket

The CityStroll2 is absolutely great, but I’m more of a throw-everything-in-and-leave kind of mom, and after trying both products for several days, I decided the CityBucket adapts better to my lifestyle!

And also I fell in love with the Choopie buckets at first sight! I mean, aren’t they just adorable? From their collection, I chose the CityBucket Jack, the little boy holding the balloons: I love the combination of colours and Jack looks so cute!

As you can see in the pictures, I tightened the straps to the maximum because I love how it makes it look almost part of the handle! With its three compartments and one open pocket, I can separate things to then find them more easily: both side compartments hold a water bottle, so I usually carry Oliver’s bottle in one, mine in the other one (or tissues, sunscreen and a toy for Emily). In the main compartment, I usually throw in a package of wipes, a snack, Emily’s burp cloth, hats for Oliver and Emily when they don’t wear them, and any other small thing I might need on a walk. Finally, in the small pocket, I put my iPhone for quick access when I walk (but, yes, I do have to remember to take it with me if I leave the stroller… the CityStroll2 is just so good in that respect because you get into the habit of always taking the shoulder bag and voilat!).

Honestly, now that I have my CityBucket I don’t know how I survived two years without it… it’s so convenient and practical!


La Tela blogiversary is coming soon, so I’m organising a giveaway sponsored by Choopie in which you’ll have the possibility to win a black CityStroll2, exactly like the one in the photos! I’ll tell you more details in my next blog post.

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