Jul 25, 2016

Activities to do with your baby at home (15+ months)

Summer is great to spend time outside, in the nature, on the beach, at a playground, except if you live in hot Marbella and the heat is unbearable for the biggest part of the day. Playgrounds here have a major downside, too: they’re almost all in the sun (yes, I know, it’s crazy!)! Park and beach are great early in the morning or late in the afternoon, but… what do you do for the rest of the day?

These are some activities I enjoy doing with Oliver all year round, and they’re easy to prep, very versatile and the material is not expensive to buy.

Most of the videos were taken on a fun morning we spent at our place with Bella, Oliver’s 19-month-old best friend. And yes, you can hear me laugh many times, I just couldn’t help it! They’re adorable together!

PS. If you live in Spain, you can find the Amazon.es link of every product in the Spanish version of the post.


I’m not exaggerating, they danced for at least one hour. I use, as always, the Super Simple Songs (you can buy them online: CD 1, CD 2 and CD 3), which I absolutely love! They’re fun, repetitive (hence great to learn words) and very versatile—you can do your own dance or learn the proper moves on their website. Watch how much Bella and Oliver loved them!

Music session

Just before dancing, we had a little music session. I got inspired from the activity class I go to sometimes, and made a music box for Oliver: it’s nothing fancy, just a set of instruments in a box. Easy peasy! The instruments are: a harmonica, a flute, a maraca, castanets, a bell and a rattle. We also have a xylophone which doesn’t fit in the box.

Oliver (16 months) still can’t play the harmonica—he usually asks me to play it for him—but Bella (20 months) got very good very quickly, as you can probably hear in the video above.

I bought the music set from a lovely local shop in Marbella, Le Bidule, but this one by Melissa & Doug is also nice.

Play dough

After hearing me moan about how difficult it’s been with Oliver at home lately, my friend Kathrin lent us some play dough saying it would work like magic. It does! Oliver loves it so I’ll definitely buy a few more colours, maybe this set.


They love colouring with crayons. Oliver, though, usually gets bored very quickly, but when Bella was there they sat and coloured for quite a long time.

What I’m really looking forward to, though, is to paint! We did it once in the activity class and the kids loved it (the mums even more!): we just stuck a big paper sheet on the wall and used washable finger paint and a roll to make… art. Very easy to clean, too: just a bit of water and everything was like new!

Passing the ball

It took a while for them to understand the game, but when they did, they played ball for at least 15 minutes. Oliver threw it towards (at) Bella, Bella picked it up and threw it towards (at) Oliver. They laughed so hard!

Feeding the dog - Team work

Team work is always great and gets kids very involved. It can be any team work, from organising the apartment by having them pass objects to each other and put them away, to, in this case, feeding the dog, as you can see in this video.


Oliver loves helping me clean! That’s why I decided to buy the beautiful Melissa & Doug cleaning set for him (a bit expensive, but great quality and materials, very steady, beautiful design and absolutely worth it!). Oliver loves it and he hasn’t even discovered yet that he can actually wet the mop like I do… he’ll go crazy when he finds out!

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