Thoughts about the second pregnancy — 12 weeks

Carlotta Cerri

First of all, I want to say I’m sorry for having just one post for you this week. We’ve been quite busy with all the changes ahead and I’ve had very little time to write.

At the end of this week or the beginning of the next one, we’re moving! I have planned a post about this new adventure of ours, not about the moving per se (although I’ll surely tell you something about moving with a baby!), but about the “drastic” change of life we chose. Curious? I think it’s a nice story and since it’s taught me a lot and put everything in perspective, I’d like to share it with you as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, our apartment is now full of bags and boxes, yet everywhere I look there’s still stuff to put in more bags and more boxes. So much for the minimalistic lifestyle… it’s incredible the amount of stuff that gets accumulated in five years, even when you regularly declutter twice a year! The good thing is that we’re taking the opportunity to throw away or sell at least half of it.

But now I’ll leave you with a few thoughts about this second pregnancy, because todays it’s our first small milestone—12 weeks. The scan went great, little monkey is healthy and very, very active (the ”roly poly, diving, jumping, spinning” kind of active!).

• It’s true, you always forget the bad: I had surely forgotten how annoying morning sickness is. But this time around, it seems like my body knows I’m a mother so I start feeling sick only in the late afternoon or evening, when Alex is home and I’ve got some help with Oliver. Nature knows.

• Help, the bump grows much quicker! In the first pregnancy I wasn’t really showing until six months, but now at just three months I can already clearly see the bump! Let’s see if I’ll fit into my costumes for September dance show…

• My forehead is full of pimples and I hate hate hate it! I never had pimples as a teenager, I can’t believe I have to stand them now that I’m 30. Damn hormones! And by the way, no natural remedy (lemons, baking soda etc) works!

• Everything feels less real. I feel a bit ashamed for saying it, but I almost haven’t had time to think about this second pregnancy. I know the little monkey is there, that we’ll meet him/her in December/January, in every scan it moves like a crazy maggot, but between Oliver, the moving, the blog, work, dance rehearsals… Sometimes I forget doctor appointments, scans, blood tests… sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant! Of course then evening comes and reminds me in the least pleasant way possible!

• The first pregnancy has a magic of its own. When I was pregnant with Oliver, every day I found myself lost in my thoughts, day dreaming about the moment we could finally meet him. I caressed the bump and I was already in love. Not that I’m not looking forward to meet our second little monkey—I can’t wait!—but I must admit the magic of the first time has gone. Maybe because this pregnancy is so close to the previous one? Has it happened to you too?

• This time around, everything feels easier. Maybe because we already went through it once, we know the steps and there’s no stressing about “are we doing this/that right?”, but this time everything pregnancy related feels more relaxed and stress-free. Hopefully it’ll continue this way.

This is all for now. I wish you a lovely, productive week. And if you come by later during the week, you’ll find a post about our first day of baby-led weaning (which many of you have asked for) and, if I have time to write it and translate it before the end of the week, maybe a post about this drastic life change I mentioned before.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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