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A week off (and my favourite posts)

Carlotta Cerri

This past week I thought I was going to be super productive and write a lot because my sister was here and she could spend time with Oliver while I blogged. I then decided to spend time with her and Oliver instead, so in the end it’s been a holiday from the blog.

But that’s not the only reason: we finally found an apartment and we’re moving end of June. I’ll have to tell you about it because it’s going to be a drastic life change, that feels right, but scares us a little! Our apartment already looks like a construction site and it’s hard for me to feel productive in this mess


my next two posts are almost ready and they’re both Montessori: a list of my favourite Montessori books to know more about this lovely philosophy, and a post about explaining limits to our kids in a positive way. I’m sure you’ll like them, and if you haven’s signed up to my newsletter yet, you can do it now here below.

I wish you a great week, a productive and happy one, and I leave you with some of my favourite posts of all time on La tela, in case you missed one or two ;-)

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