My favourite Montessori inspired bedrooms

Carlotta Cerri
10 maggio 2016

When we decided to raise Oliver Montessori, we knew it wasn’t about the materials, the environment and the furnishing: Montessori is first of all a gorgeous philosophy to which we’re adapting our lifestyle to.

But we had decided to make his room as Montessori as possible starting with the basics: floor bed, mirror, play mat with mobiles and low furniture.

When I looked online some Montessori bedrooms for inspiration, I realised that for many people “Montessori” is more of a label that might make their blog successful: I’ve seen plenty of Montessori inspired bedrooms full of plastic, colourful toys probably making sounds and flashing lights.

So today I want to show you the bedrooms I got inspiration from: if you’re thinking about setting a Montessori bedroom for your newborn or modifying his/her current one to make it more practical and accessible, take a look below.

Otis’s Montessori bedroom

Finn’s Montessori bedroom

Sophia’s bedroom

Elise’s Montessori bedroom

Belle e Beau’s Montessori bedroom

Sara’s bedroom

Sawyer’s bedroom

Smonk You’s bedroom

A Montessori bedroom

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