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IKEA's got lots of Montessori news

Carlotta Cerri

The other day, on Peque Felicidad, I discovered that IKEA has just launched a new kid. collection, which is not only gorgeous, but also very Montessori. Of course, the first thing I did (after planning a trip to IKEA) was to sit at my computer and write about it.

The series is called FLISAT and it’s all made of solid pine wood, with Scandinavian colours and child-friendly height, of course. It’s a beautiful alternative to the usual plastic table and chairs. These are the products it includes (photo credit:

A book display

It’d be perfect for our new reading corner: I like that all books are on display so that Oliver can easily choose what to read and then put it back after he’s done.

An open wall storage

It’s a simple shelf, but it has a practical bar that prevents books and toys from falling off. You can use it on its own, even installing more than one, or combine it with the book display. You can see it in the picture below.

La scrivania regolabile

With the matching stools, it’s great for crafty activities: it also has a support where to keep a drawing paper roll always at hand. It’ll be perfect for when Oliver is a bit older and, as you can adjust it to three different heights, it’ll grow with him.

Tavolo art-attack

I love the simplicity of this table, which can be a great alternative to the desk: you can also add TROFAST containers to store pencils, crayons and tools.

A rack with 4 knobs

Our next step will be to give Oliver more independence when it comes to dressing and this rack would be perfect to hang two clothing options and let him choose what to wear in the morning. Can’t wait to see his outfits 😂

Container cart

I haven’t seen this in the Spanish, Italian or British IKEA yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll come soon. it’s really cute and it’d be great not only for storing toys, but also to carry them from the bedroom to the living room and back.

What do you all think about this IKEA news? Do you like it as much as I do?

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