Mar 8, 2016

Support for baby grasping and pulling mobiles

We introduced grasping and pulling mobiles a bit later that the recommended age (which is around 4 months old, when the baby can already grasp them and take them to his mouth) because Oliver was still interested in his Montessori visual mobile The Dancers and spent quite a bit of time looking at it while chewing away on his Sophie La Giraffe (review coming soon).

When Oliver lost interest in the dancers, we started the series of mobiles to grasp and pull: hi absolute favourite was the Pikler ball which he used till he was almost a years old, when he liked to stand, hit the ball and catch it in mid air when it came back (sometimes it flew all around him, and when he tried to follow it with his eyes, he fell on hi bottom and laughed).

I made it by attaching a hook to the ceiling, a strong ribbon and any toy that I could pass the ribbon through!

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