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Three-ingredient Cookies for Babies

Carlotta Cerri

If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’m not the classic Italian mamma. I don’t cook — Alex is the chef around here. But when the other day after swimming, a friend pulled out of her bag these three-ingredient, homemade cookies, I thought I’d give them a try — also because Oliver seemed to appreciate.

To my surprise, even I could pull it off—it’s not a work of art, but they taste nice. 

Three ingredients

  • One ripe banana
  • The juice of a juice fruit (I used natural pineapple juice, but you can also squeeze a mandarine)
  • 100gr oatmeal

Just FYI, pure oatmeal does not contain gluten. However, most oatmeal brands on the market today are not pure—they contain oats that have been cross-contaminated with a tiny bit of wheat, barley and/or rye.

Does Oliver eat gluten?

As you know we’re almost completely paleo, the last ingredient might have surprised you. Yes, we decided to introduce gluten in small quantities in Oliver’s diet. For one main reason (I’ll make it short and sweet): he won’t be able to avoid it for the rest of his life (I can already picture the first birthday party in a non-paleo house… gluten feast!) and we want his organism to adapt to it gradually.

So as we chose baby-led weaning (which is working great, by the way, I’ll tell you all in a new post), Oliver eats like us: mostly gluten-free at home and whatever there is when we’re out (and if it a piece of focaccia, then be it). What we do strictly avoid is artificial sugar, so no sweets, candies, ice-cream (until he turns 98 more or less ;-)

That said, let’s do some “cooking”

It can’t really be called cooking as there’s hardly anything to do. I mashed the banana with a fork, added the pineapple juice, the oats (I didn’t grind them) and mixed everything until it became a sticky dough.

With a spoon, I made small mountains on a tray covered with oven paper, flatten and shape them. As there’s no baking soda, they won’t raise while baking, so make them the size, shape and thickness you want them to be :-)

In the oven for 15 minutes at 180°C and done! Tomorrow after our swimming class, I’ll show them off and Oliver won’t have to always eat fruit… the world is right again!

Oliver loved it SO much (for real!) that he wanted to share it with Colbie :-)

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