Jan 21, 2016

Hairdresser for little ones, what a great idea!

I usually don’t write about local places, but this seemed like a great and practical idea that couldn’t possibly not be on La Tela—which lives and breathes of great and practical ideas.

I accidentally found Damyso Bellimage a few weeks ago, one day when my mum was looking for a beauty salon to have mani and pedi done. I took her there because a friend of mine had told me about it, forgetting to mention what would then surprise me the most: an entire area dedicated to kids, which is doubly as genius!

1. To entertain babies while making them pretty

I’ve never cut Oliver’s hair, but if it’s as easy as cutting his nails… then I’ll definitely take him here for his first haircut! There, chairs are mini rotating cars with seat belts for the little ones, and right next to the mirrors there are TVs airing children’s favourite cartoons.

2. To entertain kids while making mum pretty

One corner has been converted into a small play area for older kids (although Oliver enjoyed it greatly with me), where they can stay and play while mum gets her hair done or enjoyes a manicure. Thanks to this play area and its toys, Oliver played and I could keep grandma company while she made herself (more) beautiful.

Grandma was happy, Oliver had fun and I could even relax a bit while having a chat with my mum. And they all lived happily ever after.

For whoever comes to/lives in Marbella, you can find it in Avda .General Lopez Dominguez N.6, Local 7.

Are there hairdressers like this where you live?

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