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How to convert IKEA Sniglar changing table into a play house

Carlotta Cerri

When Oliver and I are home alone, bored and with lots of time on our hands (like at Christmas time), poor daddy never knows what to expect when he gets back from work.

One day, I decided that I wanted to built a tee-pee. You see, Oliver loves being under tables, chairs, stools, and at the playground tunnels are his favourite. Hence the teepee.

That day, there was just one problem: it was raining and I didn’t feel like leaving the house. So I looked around the house for something I could convert into a teepee. Turned out it was right in front of my eyes and it wasn’t a teepee, it was a house.

IKEA Sniglar changing table/play house

I had wanted to do something with this changing table (it’s the cheapest you can get in IKEA and very good, by the way) for months, I hated that it was just sitting there and taking up space in Oliver’s room. I do need it, so I couldn’t just get rid of it. Also, Oliver can reach the middle shelf so I couldn’t use as storage anymore.

That day I looked at it and I all saw was a house. So I made it into one (with Zia Cri’s help).

This is what I used

This is what I did

It was actually very simple. I unscrewed the lower screws on the front (depending how you look at it) of the changing table, took out the middle shelf and the front bar, and re-screwed the legs to the remaining side bars. Turns out the changing table is very stable even without the middle shelf and that one bar.

In few seconds I had the structure of my house.

I then bought a large piece of thick, white fabric, some large markers and a package of thumbtacks.

And then I just measured, cut, drew and coloured. This is the result:

If you liked the idea, share it with other mums :-)

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