Dec 4, 2015

5 apps to teach English to your kids — Part 4

Let’s continue on the series of the 5 best apps (and believe me, I’ve tried so many!) to teach children how to read and write in English. If you’re new on La Tela and missed the other posts, these are the apps we used in the past three weeks:

This week, I’ll show you another app by Little Big Thinkers.

Rocket Speller Plus by Little Big Thinkers

Age: 3-4 years (but it's never too soon)Price: $ 2,99

The mission is to help the Alien Zip build a rocket (every time different) that will fly into space to save as many stars as possible — the real mission is to practice reading and writing, but kids don’t know that because the game is so much fun!

The app presents a series of images of which you have to spell the name. The words are chosen automatically depending on the level (which the parent or teacher chooses): for example, level 1 has shorter words and audible and visual hints to help kids place the letters in the right order to spell the word correctly.

You can choose between two pronunciation modes: Phonics and Name (again, I always recommend you work with phonics and forget the name of the letters for now). You can also choose between upper and lower case letters and select the word category: creatures, shapes and numbers, around the house, food or all words — which makes it also great to learn new vocabulary!

The app has more than 450 words to learn and lots of different rockets to build! It’s intuitive and, like all the apps by Little Big Thinkers, it has a beautiful design with colourful and fun graphics.

There is also a free version, but I personally don’t recommend it as it doesn’t offer the Phonics options—and working with the name of the letters makes learning English a lot harder!

Have you already tried these apps? What are your favourite ones to teach English to your kids?

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