Sep 23, 2015

Stokke Xplory Stroller — Pros and Cons (review) 

We’ve been using the Stokke Xplory for six months now and we’ve been very happy with it! It’s great quality, light enough, practical and very resistant. But even so, there are a few things I’d like to change/improve—as my husband would say, anything can be improved!—so here’s my pros and cons.


It’s tall!This is the reason why we chose it and we haven’t been disappointed: I can put Olive in, take him out, kiss him and interact with him almost without bending. Priceless!

It’s super easy to fold and open.At the beginning it was getting stuck when folding it, but then I understood what I was doing wrong: you have to lift the hook with your hand BEFORE pressing the pedal with your foot (if you press and lift at the same time, it gets stuck).

It’s very resistant.After 6 months of hitting sidewalks and doors, taking bumps full speed, in and out the car, rain, mud, Marbella wind, sand, walking (sometimes even running!), dog hair, dog paws… it’s still like new! I haven’t washed it yet, but I’ll update this review as soon as I do.

It takes one finger to drive it. For real!

Buying the carry cot was a good choice.Even if we could use it just over 4 months instead of the 6 advertised by Stokke—we have a little giant—I’d buy it again as Oliver slept in it everywhere, even at home, all the time. And then he developed his own “riding style”.

The chair is great in restaurants!Now that Oliver sits up on his own, we can really enjoy the chair, its different positions and handle heights. It’s really like he’s sitting right at the table with us!

It’s a mini house!We also bought the umbrella and the changing bag (with changing mat included), and I’m happy we did! Our lifestyle takes us out sometimes from morning to evening and I wouldn’t have survived with just the included bag. Truth be told, though: the stroller looks much better without the changing bag, so lately when we don’t go out for long time, we put a change in the changing mat’s sleeve and take only the shopping bag.


Truth be told, my husband and I expected Stokke’s top of the line stroller—the best on the market—to be impeccable, perfect down to the smallest details. It’s not. These are not cons per se, but lack of attention for details.

  • It’s steady, but the plastic does rattle quite a bit when going over bumps.
  • It’s well thought-out, but the umbrella (for example) doesn’t fit in any of the bags—which is something so basic I can’t believe Stoke didn’t think about it.
  • It’s practical, but 1. my husband would have liked the included bag to be an open basket (way more accessible); 2. The hooks to hang the changing bag are not the easiest to open (which is not ideal when you do remove it a lot, like we do).
  • For the price you pay, I’d expect it to come with important accessories—such as a shopping hook and maybe a phone holder.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely yes! 👍🏻Details are important—and drive my husband crazy—but all in all Stoke Xplory is a very good, top-quality stroller, we’re very happy with it and it’ll definitely last for the second (and third?) child.

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