Oct 13, 2015

Keep calm and follow the child (via Montessori en Casa)

In my post about the news on La Tela, I promised translations of my favourite blog posts and today I’d like to present to you the first one.

This blog is called Montessori en Casa and it’s written by Cristina Tébar, from Madrid, montessori mother of two, trained with KHT Montessori. Since 2013, she shares on her blog stories, experiences, theories, activities and tips about this method, to show that montessori is for everyone — not only if your children go to montessori schools, or if you have enough time, money and space to work with montessori material at home. Montessori is a life style.

Today I wanna share with you this beautiful post about a key principle in the montessori philosophy, “Follow the child.” Thanks to this motto, today (even if my son is only 6 months and a half) I’m a more relaxed, calm and confident mother. And I know I’ve got the best teacher always by my side: my son.

Read Cristina’s post in English, Keep Calm And Follow The Child. I liked it a lot—it even made me a bit emotional as it reflects exactly what is going through in my mind in this new life as a mum. I hope you’ll like it, too!

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