Thoughts about my first pregnancy — 30 weeks

Carlotta Cerri

After 10 more weeks, another round-up of cobweb thoughts:

  • No matter how big my belly is, I can't wrap my head around this pregnancy thing. It's mind-blowing that a real person is growing inside of me, somebody that will one day have their own family, job, dreams and hopes for the future. The miracle of life is the only miracle I believe in.
  • I don't know if it can be called love, but when he moves like crazy—sometimes even unpleasantly—and uses my uterus as a drum, I can't help but smiling.
  • I'm addicted to sport and have a very high aesthetic sense of what my body should look like—it's an endless quest for the best physical shape, even when it already is at its best. That's why I thought that a few more kg around my waist, hips and butt would freak me out, but instead—for the first time in my life—I'm completely comfortable with the way I look and I absolutely love my body. Note for the future: it's the mental state, not the physical one, that matters if you want to feel good about yourself.
  • The pregnancy glow is not a myth!
  • At the beginning, I wanted to make his room down to the last detail. I then decided that the room is mostly for the mum, not for the baby. Our monkey will anyway sleep with us in his Bednest crib at the beginning and will already have everything he needs: two parents in love (with him and with each other), contact and unconditional love. We'll get to the room when it's time for it and it's going to be a Montessori one, by the way :-). And as for getting ready for him, lots of meditation, eating healthy and long walks.
  • Some while ago I read a book about pregnancy called "You Pee When You Sneeze". It's true.
  • Things are getting heavy and I haven't put on not even 10kg. How do women manage when they put on 25-30kg? Ouch!
  • What bothers me the most is that my body can't follow my mind anymore. I have to walk instead of run (I really am unable to run!), can't do abs, jumps and many stretching exercises, I have to hold my breath when I put on my shoes. I've always thought of myself as a sort of superhero who can do whatever she sets her mind on. I guess sometimes we just have to accept that we're only humans.
  • I felt this happy only once before in my life: the year I met Alex, when I was walking down the streets listening to Colbie Caillat's Coco, smiling and dancing (I guess true happiness looks a bit crazy).

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