Happy 5th birthday, Emily!

My letter to Emily for her fifth birthday

Carlotta Cerri

Hello wonderful person,

Today you turn 5.

Like every year, I am writing you a letter, but today I will be short, because at this moment in my life I feel like I'm always chasing time. “You work too much”, you'd say.

Speaking of work, you explicitly asked us not to work today, because it's your birthday and you are the "chooser" of everything, everyone and the whole day.

You requested a tiramisu that you wanted to make with us, because you don't care about the surprise. And perhaps also because you wanted to eat the ladyfingers dipped in almond milk.

You requested the treasure hunt that I prepare for you every year - you don't care that usually the treasure is a piece of paper, a drawing, an activity, and not a gift. The gift you want is that Dad and I don't work all day. And you will get it.

You then said that today we must do everything you say—you repeated this several times all day yesterday so we don't forget.

You've always known what you want. Even when you didn't sleep at night for three years, I would come to you and you'd smile at me. You just wanted company.

You've always known who you are. It makes me emotional that every evening you kiss us good night saying, “Ti amo mamma; ma rakastan sua, daddy; I love you Oliver; I LOVE MYSELF”. I have spent the last 10 years of my adult life learning to love myself and you already have it so clear.

I always tell you that you are “my wonder”, but I know very well that you are YOUR wonder.

Thank you. To remind me when I use wrong tones, wrong words, wrong behaviors. And to always forgive me.

Not one day goes by that I take your forgiveness for granted—and that I don't wanna do better next time.

I love you I love you I love you.

Happy birthday, baby girl.


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