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The sounds and numbers kite

Carlotta Cerri

This post is done in collaboration with Oliver and Emily :-)

I remember this game from when I was a child, but Alex invented a brilliant way to use it with our kids.

It works letters sounds,  numbers and it's fun! Emily shows it to you in video below and then we'll tell you how do make your own.

How we play

She asks me what color I want, I say "viola" (purple in Italian). So she says the sounds of the letters that she hears in the word: v-i-o-l-a. Each sound is a movement. Then I choose the number: if my numer is 8, she makes 8 movements. Then I choose another number which reveals the secret drawing.

How you make it

You need a square piece of paper. If you don't have it, this is how we made it with kids wihout using a ruler:

1. Fold one side and trace the link with a pencil.

2. Cut along the line to obtain a square paper.

3. Fold creating triangles until you get all the lines.

4. On one side, draw something in each central triangle.

5. On the other side, we have numbers and colorful circles (mind the orientation of the numbers).

6. Fold.

7. Turn and fold again.

8. Turn again and you see this.

9. Fold in half.

10. "Find the opening and put your fingers in" (Emily explained it to me this way)

And now you play!

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