15 things you might not know about me

Carlotta Cerri

A weekend in Madrid alone with myself inspired me to share a few things you might not know about me. Here they go:

  • My full name is Carlotta Cerri Gambarelli.
  • My surname is not first and second surname, like in Spanish: it’s made of two words because my family was nobility in Italy. I’m a countess! (for real)
  • I’m Italian. Born in November 1985. 178cm tall. Size 40 of shoes.
  • I only drive automatic cars.
  • I’m a negative, pessimistic person at core, but you’d never tell by talking to me because I’ve worked hard on it for the past decade.
  • I used to be meteoropathic and hate rain, but 12 years in the Costa del Sol cured me: I now love rain!
  • Even though I started dancing only when I was 18, in every dance academy I’ve ever been, I ended up joining their show group and working as a dancer in my free time.
  • I love grammar and I know every grammar rule of every language I speak.
  • English has taken over my brain, and I often struggle to speak Italian. Ask my sister.
  • I always write first in English and then translate into Italian and Spanish.
  • After university, I wanted to become the next Fernanda Pivano to translate big writers of my time; instead I ended up translating myself on my blog. Big enough.
  • For the longest time I rejected my Italian-ness, and only recently I learnt to embrace and appreciate it.
  • My husband says I’m the only Italian woman who doesn’t cook. I don’t know about being the only one, but it’s definitely true that I don’t cook.
  • I was raised catholic, but when I was a teenager I started shifting away from religious, and now I’m not religious anymore.
  • Writing and talking to my husband are the best forms of therapy I know.

If you feel like it, I’d love to hear in the comments one thing I don’t know about you.

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