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Raise the future right

Carlotta Cerri

This morning I was at the “parent school” (yes, a school for parents) organized by my kids’ Montessori school and I was sad to see so few parents. But then, as we talked and shared our experiences, I was amazed: there we were, 6 parents—4 moms and 2 dads (and 1 toddler :-)—coming from different backgrounds, cultures and educations, with very different beliefs and levels of knowledge of who Maria Montessori was and what Montessori is.

Six parents putting aside our jobs (also lucky for being able to do it) and routines and making time for our children’s future. Talking about how to be better parents. Learning how to let our children teach us, and not the other way around. Understanding the importance of letting our children be, do and fail. Sharing our experiences with no shame and no judgment, only desire to learn and do better.

We all came out with something new, new ways to help our children unlock their potential, new ideas to deal with difficult situations at home, new understanding that in one way or the other we all go though the same struggles. Parenting is the same, big, universal boat. Personally, I came out with renewed energy to keep improving myself as a mother.

I felt proud to be a part of that.

I felt proud of these parents (and myself) who showed up, willing to listen and maybe even turn upside down the way they were raised to raise their children differently. And yes, I’ll say it—it’d be hypocritical not to: to raise them better. To raise them right.

This is an amazing time in history to be a parent, there’s so much information, and it’s so available, that you can really become the best version of parent that you can possibly be. You can really raise the future right.

IF ONLY you show up and make the effort.

Today, WE showed up. WE made the effort. Tomorrow, I hope more parents will, too, because there’s nothing — NOTHING — more important in today’s world, with the emotional, political and environmental struggles that we’re facing, than raising the future right.

PS. There are so many ways to improve as parents, you don’t need a parent school (but if you have one, take full advantage of it!). There are books, workshops, seminars, webinars, local centers, and, my favorite: blogs. Here’s a list of the blogs I read regularly (they’re almost all about Montessori and positive discipline ;-):

The Montessori Notebook

Montessori En Casa


Happily Family

How We Montessori (and its Montessori thread)

What are yours?

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