Comparing the cloth nappy brands that I use

Carlotta Cerri

A few weeks ago I promised a post with a comparison between nappy brands that I use, so here it is.

As I said in my post “How I switched to Cloth Nappies after three years of disposables” we like using more than one brand—I say “we”, because Alex is also actively involved in this cloth nappy business, of course: each one of the brands we’re using has something that would make me choose it again (and recommend it to others).

You can find a million review posts about each one of these brands: this is nothing like that. In this post I simply write what I like the best about each brand that I have chosen and that I’m actively using.

At the end of this post I’ll link to some packs. Remember, all the links are affiliated, which means that you pay exactly the same price, but I get a small commission. I’d appreciate if you used them.

Pop-In by Close Parents

These are All-in-Two nappies. In my experience, they are bomb proof. I like that the shell has higher thigh borders, so it’s very unlikely that any pee or poop comes out. Also, the outer shell comes out of the wash almost completely dry, which is always a bonus.

At night, also, we never had a leak when we used the PopIns with the Close Parent night booster (I tried without it a couple of times and Emily was completely wet in the morning). I’ve also used it at night combined with a Charlie Banana bamboo inserts and it worked just fine.

Charlie Banana

These are pocket nappies. ’m using both their Organic One Size and their standard fleece diapers (Hybrid One Size), and I have to say I prefer their standard fleece ones because they keep Emily’s bottom dry (even if I don’t use a fleecy liner).

What I like the most about Charlie Banana is that each nappy comes with two inserts, one small and one medium/large, which I can combine to be used at night. I also like that Charlie Banana diapers are not bulky at all, it’s almost as if Emily is wearing a disposable nappy.

Juicy Bumbles

These are pocket nappies, and like the Charlie Banana, they are thin. I like that the inserts are quite wide and after many washes they’re still soft. I’m using both their poppers and velcro nappies, but I do prefer the velcro ones (in general I do like velcro better, although if Emily wants she can take it off by herself).

Of course, though, what I like the best about these nappies is the price! They’re about half the other brands that I’m using without sacrificing on quality. Also, I love that their pack of six nappies comes with a practical nappy bag with front pocket (where I store the dirty nappies on the go).

MioSolo by BambinoMio

These are All-in-One nappies. They are my husband’s favourite nappies: he likes that he doesn’t have to look for any insert or booster. He just grabs it from the drawer and puts it on, so these are the ones he always picks when he’s on nappy duty (although he’s already a pro, and knows how to use every model).

Combined with the MioBooster (sold separately), it also makes a great leak-free night nappy.

So, what do I buy?

When people ask me what to start with, I always tell them exactly what I wrote here: I love having more than one brand, so I can use my favourite one according to every situation. For example, Pop-In with night booster is currently my first choice for a night nappy; for the day I currently prefer BambinoMio (and for a special occasion, the fantasies are just the cutest!), but when I’m on the go from morning to evening (which means that I need to take more nappies with me) I’ll usually opt for Charlie Banana or Juicy Bumbles because they’re thinner and take up less space.

This is why it’s honestly hard for me to pick just one brand.

That said, I know that the bigger the pack the cheapest the individual nappy, so in the list of packs below, I’ll also include some of my favourite big nappy sets in case you decide to go with just one or two brands (for example, you can get the Pop-In set of 10 nappies, and the BambinoMio kit of 8 nappies that includes also all the accessories you need; or combine three packs of three brands to have more variety).

If you found this post useful, please do use the links I provide: they’re affiliate links which is one of the ways I make a living from my blog :-) Thanks!

Pop-In Pack 10

Pop-In Pack 5

Pop-In Night Boosters Pack 3

Charlie Banana pack 6 or this or this

Charlie Banana Pack 3

BambinoMio MioSolo Pack 6

BambinoMio Kit 8 nappies + accesories (including nappy bucket)

BambinoMio kit 15 nappies + accessories (including 2 nappy buckets)

Juicy Bumbles Pack 6 (+ accessories)

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