Review of our kids teepee by Matuu

Carlotta Cerri

This is a sponsored post, and Matuu gently provided the readers of La Tela with the discount code lateladicarlotta that you can use at checkout to save 10% when buying their products.

When I was little, my dad built a big wooden teepee for me in the garden, and I remember playing endless hours in it: it was a fortress, a castle, a boat, a car, an airplane, it was everything I wanted it to be.

I would have loved to get something similar on our terrace, but as we don’t have much space, I looked for something that Oliver and Emily could use in our guest room, and that could be easily stored if guests arrived.

A teepee!

As always when I look for products—you know me—I didn’t want any teepee, I wanted minimalism with a twist, care for details, and a product made with lots of love. Which is exactly what I found.

Roksana is a Polish mum of two tots based in Amsterdam, who one day decided to design, sew and build a teepee for her daughters. The result made them so happy that she saw a business opportunity, and went for it! (You know that I love resourceful mums!)

In 2017 Matuu was born—the name is a combination of the words mum (mama) and dad (tata) in Polish inspired by the way her oldest daughter used to say dad, “Tatuuuu”—and since then Roksana has been creating teepees to make kids smile and dream.

You’ve probably already seen our Matuu teepee on Instagram and in the home tour of our Montessori-inspired apartment, but I really wanted to tell you a bit more about it, because we love it and want to support Roksana’s hard work!

We chose the four-pole design Day on the Beach, because I love stripes and also fell in love with the coordinated pillows (sold separately)… how cute is that floater? It’s become Emily’s favourite seat :-D The fabric, like in most of Matuu teepees, is 100% natural cotton and very soft to the touch, and Roksana herself handpicks all the fabrics at local markets (sometimes with her daughters’ help), which makes the teepees even more special.

I also really like that the play mat it comes with is reversible, dark on one side and light on the other for different looks. And yes, every teepee comes with its own play mat! At the beginning I used a mat stopper underneath, but I then realised it’s not necessary and actually works better without: the mat is thick enough that tends to stay flat and goes back into position when moved.

Roksana also fixed one of the most common design faults in teepees: when you want the “doors” to stay open, you usually have to tie them with laces. Matuu teepees, instead, have a clever design that doesn’t involve laces: the edge of the “door” fabric is lined with a thicker, heavier border, so you can simply fold the doors to keep them open, and it also helps them stay down when closed. Details, details, details: that’s what makes good products great!

The teepee definitely works best on a carpet, but we use it on marble, a more slippery floor, and it’s perfect: if the poles are in the right disposition (so they create a sort of spiral at the top), the teepee keeps its shape nicely. I suggested to Roksana that some silicon “feet” would make it even more stable, and she is already looking into it :-)

Starting at about 110€, Matuu teepees are slightly more expensive that the usual teepee, but the fact that they come with a mat, the design details and the high quality fabric make them definitely worth the extra price. Thank you, Roksana, and keep making our kids smile and dream with your products!

On top of her gorgeous teepees, Roksana also sells handmade mats and pillows separately (I love the new peak and green cactus pillows 😍!). And as you read my blog (which makes you awesome, and thank you!) you can take advantage of the discount code lateladicarlotta gently provided by Roksana. Just use it at checkout to get your 10% discount on Matuu products.

If you want to take look, here’s Matuu on Facebook and on Instagram :-)

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