KidSit by Kleine Dreumes with Stokke Xplory

Carlotta Cerri

This is a sponsored post. I chose this board seat myself and reached out to Kleine Dreumes, who were so kind to send me a KidSit with universal adapters (check out their cute website too!).

When Emily was born, Oliver was only 21 months old and I realised quickly that the standing Sibling Board by Stokke that I had planned to use was too challenging for him, especially for long walks (we’re crazy walkers!). He needed something he could sit on.

So I looked into all the board seats that are available in Europe, and in the end chose the KidSit by Kleine Dreumes, a dutch company that specialise in baby products that make parents’ life easier.

Our experience using the KidSit with the Stokke Xplory stroller seat

Please, keep in mind that this review is based on my experience using the KidSit with the Stokke Xplory stroller seat. Using the Stokke Xplory carry cot or another brand stroller will likely be different.


We liked that:

  • Unlike many competitor brands, the KidSit works with the Stokke Xplory thanks to its special adapters (sold separately).
  • It looks good, it’s lightweight, minimalistic, and well thought-out.
  • It has a compact seat with no straps or seat belts, unlike almost all the competitor brands. There’s a handle the kid can hold on to.
  • Once attached, it’s as comfortable (or uncomfortable) as any other board. Let’s be honest, these things get in the way of walking, but it sure beats having to carry your toddler ;-)

Adjusting the universal adapters on the Stokke Xplory

With any pram with a normal frame, you can attach the KidSit directly. The Stokke Xplory, though, has a special reversed V frame so you first need to attach the Kleine Dreumes’s universal adapters on both sides.

Adjusting the adapters is a bit finicky, but once they’re in place and well tightened, the KidSit itself is easy to attach and very stable to ride.

Tip: you’ll know the adapters are not properly adjusted if the pram pulls to the side while driving it. When the KidSit is well adjusted, the pram goes straight and driving it is effortless. Watch this little video I made for you:


For my lifestyle, the KidSit has two cons:

  • In order to fit it in the trunk (we have a Citroen C4 Picasso) it needs to be taken off the stroller. And while it’s convenient enough, I have to admit it’s not nearly as convenient as the Stokke Sibling Board that simply folds up.For me, who use the car a lot and load and unload the pram a thousand times a day, it can be very demanding.
  • When the kid is not using it, on normal strollers you can fold the KidSit up so it’s out of the way. Unfortunately, because of the Stokke Xplory’s special frame, it doesn’t stay up, which means you can’t get it out of the way when you’re out and about and it’s not being used.

Would I recommend the KidSit?

YES. If you want a board seat, you won’t find one that works better with the Stokke Xplory than the KidSit by Kleine Dreumes.

When we go on holiday somewhere where we do a lot of walking (and not so much driving), I definitely prefer the KidSit over the Stokke Sibling Board as it’s easier and more comfortable for Oliver (by the way, have you read my tips on how to travel with toddlers? You’ll find the post below).

For our everyday lifestyle, however, using the KidSit is a bit cumbersome, which is why now that Oliver is a bit older and doesn’t mind standing for longer stretches, I prefer to use the Stokke Sibling Board.

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