My second express birth

Carlotta Cerri

This post, like my second labour, will be express.

[You should know that my first labour and birth had been insanely fast, and doctors kept telling me the second one would be even faster. Well, I never thought it could be this fast! And I’ll tell you about it because I believe pregnant women need to know that not all labours and births are terrible, horror-movie-like experiences (but somehow, unfortunately, when you’re pregnant people seem to tell you only the very worst stories!]

It was the 31st of December. Around 3am I was awake because Oliver had woken up and, although Alex had gone to him, I couldn’t get myself to sleep. I felt perfectly fine, though, no pain, no symptom, no different contractions from the ones I had been having for months. And then it started.

3am — My water breaks and I don’t even understand what it is: the head of the baby is so low that only little water comes out. So much for the movie-like splash!

4.30am — I start having regular contractions so Alex and I decide (as my doctor had advised) to get ready and go to the hospital. (In a normal situation, I’d have waited at home till contractions were one minute long and every three minutes, like I had learnt in the antenatal classes)

5.10am — We get to the hospital quickly. The car journey had been fine, contractions were regular, but not very painful yet. I feel so good that we decide to go park together and walk up the hill to the E.R. At some point I even have to tell Alex off, because he’s making me laugh so hard that it’s making contractions more painful. We are having a blast!

5.20am — The midwife checks me and I’m only 3cm dilated. But because I tell her about my first express birth, she sends me to the delivery room to continue labour there. I’m a bit upset—ONLY 3cm? Argh! Maybe I should have waited longer at home. (Good thing I didn’t!)

5.45am — By now, contractions are quite regular and strong, and the pain (both physical and mental, as I thought I still had hours to go!) is unbearable.

6.10am-6.30am — I go to the bathroom, and contractions are so strong I actually think I won’t be able to do it without an epidural. When I stand up, though, I feel a pain I remember very well from the first birth: the head is crowning, I need to push! Alex calls the midwife, who slowly walks in (she clearly thinks it’s too early!). The conversation goes something like this:

Midwife, ”Sit, let’s check”.

Me, “You don’t need to check, she’s coming, I need to push!” (the pain is soooo intense I’m almost crying!)

Midwife, “Ok, don’t worry, let’s check and see if you can push”. (she clearly doesn’t believe it’s possible!)

Me, “I’m telling you, she’s coming!!!”.

Midwife, after checking, “She’s coming!”. (Told you so!) (she calls another midwife and they start running around frenetically to get the room ready for delivery… again, told you so!)

Midwife, “Ok, push! No, no, stop! Too fast! (What?!?!) Ok, now push again! Stop, stop, stop! Ok, push lightly”.

6.30am — Emily is born. No stitches. Yay us!

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