Baby/toddler Thermos FUNtainer bottle (355 ml)

Carlotta Cerri

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About a month ago, Alex and I were looking for a new water bottle for Oliver. Until then we had bought several cheap plastic bottles and they all ended up leaking or breaking or smelling and tasting really strongly like plastic (even when washing them almost every day).

So this time we were willing to spend a little bit more, but get a good bottle. We had very few requirements (how special does a bottle have to be, right?): we wanted it to have a straw, to be stainless steel, easy to open and close for Oliver to do it on his own, and for the lid to be attached (we had one where you had to take the lid off and it was a pain). Also, if possible, we preferred it to be insulated.

After going through several baby shops in Berlin without much luck, we decided to buy it online, and we found this one: Thermos FUNtainer Bottle (355ml).

Oliver has been using it for a month now and we’re very happy with it, so here’s my props and cons:


  • Water stays cold (or fresh) all day long, which came very in handy in the hot Marbella nights.
  • Oliver can open and close it easily (after just a few hours of practice).
  • It's stainless steel and BPA free.
  • The lid has a little handle to carry it around (but Oliver always has it in his Affenzan backpack so we hardly ever use the handle).
  • It's very easy to keep clean: it can be completely disassembled to wash the straw, the lid and the actual bottle separately (only the bottle is dishwasher proof, though).
  • It's very resistant: I was worried as many reviews online said the lid broke at the first drop, but we dropped it a million times from different heights and it's still fine.
  • It's got many different kids designs, but we didn't want to impose kids' characters or sports on Oliver (although he;d have liked this with footballs ;-) we chose a plain blue one—they also have a plain pink one or a flower one for girls.


  • The plastic lid and bottom scratch easily when the bottle falls, so ours is already all scratched up of course (but I guess it's to be expected).
  • I wish I could hang it to the pram (it'd be great if the handle where actually also a hook of some kind).
  • I was hoping to find a "cooler", more design-y bottle (you know me, right? ;-), but this is quite plain. After buying it, though, I actually found another one I liked better (although it's more expensive): it's the Foogo by Thermos, which is more or less the same size (325ml), but the design, in my opinion, is cuter.

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